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Alright guys I have 500 of you that follow me so ONE of you has to have interest or know someone that does.

This is an auction bid for The Kaur Fund. I attended WWE Payback on Sunday and am putting this up be in someone’s hands that is either a collector, fan of Randy Orton or wants to support a great cause. People are not inclined to hand over money without getting something in return so I am offering this chair to money to meet the fund’s goal. 
The two victims in this tragedy were a part of the WWE Family, Hayleigh and her Mother. Her sister remains and has rebuild from scratch after her home burnt down to the ground. 100% of what you pay is going towards her family and as an added incentive I am doing FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. I will refund the shipping for international buyers so it is at no cost to you. Yes, completely free with tracking and anyone aware of shipping costs across the world know that is a STEAL. 
I am hoping to at least raise £100.00 ($156.59 US Dollars). Anything short of that amount I will put up the difference when sending in the donation. Thank you very much for considering purchasing this chair. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Have a wonderful day!
Please reblog and spread the word. 

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First time I met Eddie in August of 2003 at a Smackdown show in Detroit. Alex Shelley, Chris Hero and I were there working out in the ring before the show. Eddie stopped and took the time to watch us all wrestle, then to come up to us afterwards and compliment us.

Then in May of this year, I worked with him in Reading, PA. I can probably say working on WWE Smackdown with him was one of the best experiences in my life. The thing I thought was really cool about him, which I also thought was really cool about Chris Candido (God rest his soul too), was that for a guy who has been there and done that, for a man who has main evented Wrestlemania as the world heavyweight champion, he treated me as an equal. I was a 21 year old kid just happy to be getting work, and he acted as though I were on par with him. Just to show you my experience with this, not to totally kill the business, but that day when I found out I was working with Eddie, I went up to him and said “Hi. I’m Jimmy. I think we’re working together tonight.” The first thing Eddie did was apologize. “Jimmy. I want to apologize for the match. I would love to have a competitive match with you, but tonight this match needs to be %100 me. Please understand this is just business. I’m truly sorry, and I want to thank you for your professionalism. God willing, we’ll work again under better circumstances.” It really struck me that he would do that. I mean, seriously. I was happy just to have work, just to be getting paid, just to be on the show, just to be working for WWE, just to be in the ring with him, yet he was apologizing to me. As the day went on, almost every time we talked, he apologized, thanked me, and was almost trying to sell me on the fact that it’d be ok to get squashed by him, as if I was doing him a favor. Before the match, one of the agents for our match came up to me and said, “Jimmy, now, you know this is going to be a stiff match, right?” I said “Sure.” But Eddie never touched me. Even on the finish when he gave me the brainbuster on the chair, he took total care of me.

- Jimmy Jacobs

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Fantastic MatchesBryan Danielson v. Jimmy Jacobs

ROH Unscripted III - December 1st, 2006

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Full Case of Tales with SCUM - Preview

This is just a sip of a Full Case of Tales with SCUM (Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs) NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD at Highspots.com

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mark briscoe adding a lot to the group huddle


mark briscoe adding a lot to the group huddle

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